Signs you Need a Professional Resume Writer

1. You hate writing. Don’t fight it. I can’t tell you the number of clients I’ve spoken to who just don’t know where to start and genuinely don’t enjoy the process. Chances are you’re not going to craft the most engaging resume that reflects your complete value.

2. You’ve spent the last 10 years with the one company and your current resume / CV is 12 pages long. Trends have rapidly changed, and what worked then will not work for you now.  A quality professional resume writer or Career Coach will be able to provide you with valuable information on the application and hiring process and deliver career marketing tools that appeal to both Applicant Tracking Systems and the short attention span of the human reader.

3. The time has come for a career shake up and you’re not sure how to address how your current skills match your aspirations. A professional resume writer will help you align your transferable skills and experiences and better express the value you bring.

4. You’re at a BBQ one day and say to a group ‘I hate my hospitality job, does anyone know of any job openings?’ and someone responds with ‘Yes! Our admin lady quit today, get your resume to our office in the next couple of days!’ You’ll really wish you had your resume at the ready (true life event that sparked an industry change for me at 21)

5. You + talking about your own strengths and achievements = absolute meltdown.

6. You haven’t had to apply for a job before because you’re either a) new to the workforce or b) a networking wizard.

7. The monsoon of resumes on the recruiter’s desk has swallowed yours whole and you’re just not getting to interview. Why? It could be anything from a typo (‘Instrumental in ruining operations…’ doesn’t quite do you justice) or more than likely, it’s because you’re not speaking to your reader and taking the time to carefully target your resume.

8. You’re not aware of the ‘red flags’ and potential assumptions and bias your resume opens you up to. Partnering with a resume writer or career coach can help you gain a really honest and helpful insight into what may be putting recruiters off so you can address it.

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By Bec O’Connor