B Time Lords – Managing Short Work Weeks


Dealing with these short weeks is a huge challenge.  Everyone is struggling to manage with 20% of their week wiped out.  We’re experiencing the run-around, the silent treatment, the “I’ll call you back later” and it’s no different anywhere – our clients are getting the same treatment from their clients.

It’s important to manage anxiety levels and also enjoy your long weekends.  Here are some interesting expressions of “time” to get you through:

  • “Time Waits for No One” is a song by the Rolling Stones(1974) It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll. It deals with the meaning of life and the two best elements are Jagger’s lyrics (Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman’s face) and the epic five minute + guitar solo by Mick Taylor.  Crank this as loud as possible!
  • “Time” is a song by Pink Floyd on their classic album, Dark Side of the Moon. It is a lament of how time can pass you by.  The lyrics are hauntingly true, “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”  The guitar solo is amazing and is rated as one of the best of all time.
  • Dr Who – The greatest sci-fi series of all time. Dr Who is a Timelord (a humanoid with vast intelligence, longevity, and most importantly – a Tardis – the police box time machine that allows time travel).  He wages war with ‘the Master’ his evil nemesis for the existence of mankind, the future of the Universe and time itself.  The Tom Baker years were amazing, the rest is ok – the modern series is more a soap opera about feelings.  “Seeds of Doom”, “Paradise Towers”, “Genesis of the Daleks” = essential viewing.
  • Back to the Future – Film. The entire series is good.  Michael J Fox is an 80’s legend travelling through time in his converted DeLorean.  Notable elements are the hover-board, meeting your parents when they were young and having to fend off the affections of your mother, and 80’s finger-tap guitar solo’s in a chuck berry song.  Another very cool moment is when they take a sporting almanac back in time to bet on known sporting outcomes to amass vast wealth.
  • Timeline – Film. This is about time travel back to Medieval France.  The film is perhaps the best expression of Max Planck’s teleportation theory whereby matter can be broken down like a fax machine and rearranged at another time and place via another fax machine.  Anyone who remembers using a fax will recall that images were often distorted and this is precisely what happens to the humans travelling back and forth in time, with disastrous effects.  They discover that there’s only a small number of journeys a human can withstand – so rather than travel back to the present, they decide to install themselves as Kings in medieval France, changing history – a crisis the goodies have to avert.  Cool battle scenes and story.

We hope you enjoy your long weekend, but more importantly, we hope you get through all the work you need to.  For any recruitment matters, the Barclay Team are always here to help.