The Car Ride Question – Every Hiring Manager MUST Ask!

A car driving on a motorway at high speeds, overtaking other cars

Here is an interesting question that was shared with me by one of my clients this week.

“When I am interviewing a candidate from Barclay Recruitment, I always ask myself, would I be happy to spend four hours in a car with this person?”


The answer was that he trusts his inner compass.

While he was adamant that he would always err on the side of caution with regards to the best possible candidate, if they “tick all the boxes” then he asks “The Car Ride Question”.

How would I feel after a long drive with them? What is the result of that experience? Was the journey happy? Was it insightful? Did they enlighten me? Was it a positive and enjoyable experience?

If the answer is YES, take them, offer them, appoint them. If they can make your day feel good then I’m sure they will do the same in the office and with your clients.

The lesson – trust that inner compass!

In any event, if you’re on the lookout for fresh talent contact Barclay Recruitment 07 3211 1433. We have plenty of candidates eager for a “Test Drive”.