Don’t B Fooled – “The candidate arrived barefoot, with his dog”


“The candidate arrived bare foot, with his dog. He didn’t want to leave his dog in the back of his Ute and asked if he could bring the animal inside. I don’t know who this guy thought he was but we expected him to dress in business attire for the interview. It’s a shame because he sounded normal over the phone.”

This was the experience one of our clients had recently when they invited a candidate to interview after running an ad on Seek.

You can’t always tell who a candidate is over the phone or from reviewing their CV. Unfortunately, finding the right candidate for the role can be hit and miss and most employers don’t have the time to do justice to the process.

In a perfect world, an ad on Seek will generate 20-40 candidates: Ten are selected for phone screening and five are invited for face to face interview. Two are selected for a final round interview and an offer is made following two positive reference checks.

The problems for businesses are that all of this takes time – writing and posting the ad, waiting for applicants to apply to your ad out of hundreds of alternative ads on Seek, phoning and reaching and speaking to ten potential candidates, weighing their strengths up and selecting five of the strongest and best-fit candidates for face to face interview, conducting hour-long interviews, conducting reference checks, making an offer, etc.

Even if your business dedicates time to do all this, there’s no guarantee that the candidate you find will say yes. Your company has risked a week or two worth of time and effort against the reward of filling the role.

Given that most recruitment companies work on a contingent basis, why risk your time and money recruiting a role you may never fill?

The Barclay consultants are specialists in their markets, know the best active and passive candidates already, and can generate your shortlist faster, with greater accuracy; and there’s a far higher chance the candidate will say yes when you make the offer.

Your time is too valuable – Why risk it? Talk to a Barclay Consultant Today.