How To Create Powerful Resume Statements

In my recent post, I took you through unpacking your career achievements using the CARBs method. I wanted to follow this up as many people struggle with then turning these ‘stories’ into power packed but concise statements for their resume.

Let’s breakdown how we might do this

Version 1 – Contributed to the improvement of systems/processes/procedures

Apply CARBs

Challenge: Business processes were very manual and time laborious and taking time away from more high return activities

Action: Conducted research on SaaS platforms that would run more efficiently, integrate with our business and be more cost-effective. Evaluated 6 potential vendors and presented to management 

Result: Successfully negotiated new platform and managed the implementation of system

Benefit: Weekly time spent recouped was 70% and we were able to focus on additional marketing activities which brought in $15K

Now we tie together the statement, front loaded with the result for Version 2:

Generated 70% productivity increase and $15K additional revenue by advocating for and managing implementation of new SaaS platforms to automate manual tasks.

You’ll see as part of this process, we’ve removed passive language like ‘contributed to’ and really kicked off that statement with a nice strong action verb.

When you next update your resume, go through each point and ask firstly…

Is it relevant to the employer?

If so, what evidence / example can I provide that will show how I deliver results?

And use this formula to craft a resume that really sells your value.

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