Quick Tips to Jazz up your Cover Letter

‘Should I write a cover letter?

Do Cover Letters ACTUALLY get read?’

There are some recruiters that just don’t read cover letters. They’re going straight to the meat that is your professional experience listed on your resume.

There are exceptions however, and hiring Managers higher up in the process often love to read them!

Bad cover letters are WAY more damaging to your application than none at all, so if you do want/need to write one, here are some tips to help you;

✅ Avoid openers such as ‘I wish to apply for the position…’

Yes, the reader probably gathered that from your application. Grab attention with a stronger statement like….

‘With proven impact in ABC, I am excited at the prospect of joining <company> and helping the team on its path to…

✅ Don’t regurgitate your resume. It’s an opportunity to add another dimension, explain the motivation for the transition and explain how your own experiences and specific skill set can help them.

✅ Close by reiterating your enthusiasm in the company and how you will help them achieve their key objectives. Make your call to action strong.

‘With my background in X, I am confident I can help <company> to achieve their vision of Y & Z and would love an opportunity to discuss how in further detail.’

✅ Go the extra mile to find out who to address it to. In this digital age and the amount of information available, there really is no reason for Dear Sir/Madam. Or to be sending it to the wrong company (yes, it happens more often than you’d think)

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